Just Purchased a 1973 Mustang Convertible


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Mar 29, 2013
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1973 Ford Mustang Convertible
Hi Everyone,

I haven't posted in a long time.  Too much work, too many cars and not enough money.  I have just purchased the convertible.  Its been stored in a local metal building for the last 30 or so years.  I saw it about 20 years ago but the owner wasn't ready to sell.  Finally convinced to depart with it.  We get it out the the building next weekend.  There is 3 inches between the other cars with cars in front of it.  

Its rust free with and aftermarket NASA hood.  They had already pulled the engine and tranny years ago.  Its originally yellow but changing it to red.  Either black or tan interior.  I got a 351C from a 1970 Cougar with a FMX tranny.  Going with Mach 1 grille and no stripes.  Will post pics when I get it.  I figure 2-3 years project.


Well we finally got is out last Friday.  Here are some pics of it in storage and out in the repair shop.  It was wrecked in May 1986 on the left front tire area.  The junk yard owner started to repair it in the late 1980's and got sidetracked.  So it has sat ever since.  Little to no rust on it.  They just replaced the left side frame rail and double checked all the gaps and alignment points on the rack,  So its good and straight and all gaps are good.  So now the fun begins.  




Here are some more.  Hopefully the correct angle.  I stopped and sprayed it at the local car wash 





Congratulations on taking possession.  Going to be a great car (already looks a lot better than my 72 when I picked it up).  Looking forward to seeing the progress. 

Thanks.  I will be out at the junk yard tomorrow working in the building they have it in.  I cleaned out the interior including dead mice and mice bedding,  Its hard to be working within eyesight of it but can't work on the car.  Doing labor for price of the car.  So far so good.  

Just a few updates.  I have had only 2 days to work on it.  Git a ton of parts coming in next week.  Dropped the gas tank, new one coming.  Remove brake booster and sent it out fir re build.  Pulled a 351C-2V and FMX tranny from a 70 Cougar for new drive.  Prepping it to run.  Got new water pump, thermostat,  hoses, plugs, fuel pump, fuel and brake lines, rotors, calipers, brakes hoses, carpet, refurbished the tail lights and housing and Mach 1 grille.  Put a battery in it with no engine.  Checked the lights and have a few to replace bulbs.  Lowered and raised the top.  No binding or problems.

So I figured not bad for a car that ran sine May 1986.  Lots more to do and loving it.  Thanks Mark

Dang! How do some of you find deals like this? That is an amazing car to start with. 

Yellow is OK in my book's. There was 1540 - '73 Coupes ordered in this colour... Was popular back in the day. Good luck with your restoration.

73 Light Gold Coupe55.jpg

Thanks.  I have been tracking this car for 15 years.  Finally got him to sell it.  Just picked up Magnum 500s (15x8) and tires with less then 500 miles for under $1000.  

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I have been trying to work on the convertible on the weekend.  Still recovering from rotator cup surgery late February.  I got the engine/ tranny in. New gas tank, gas lines, brake lines, new rotors and calipers, rebuilt brake booster, new m/c, new h pipe.  Still waiting for exhaust system to be delivered.



Thanks.  Got the 351C running last Sunday just for a minute or so.  Got it timed and idling smooth.  This weekend I t put in the pulleys, hoses, power steering pump and hoses.  I want to the temperature up to 180ish.


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