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1971 mach 1  4v fmx with shift kit dyno @ 490hp. Most important add on ? A window sticker that reads " In loving memory of Sally Snyder ( Mustang Sally)

72 Mach 1 originally H code with FMX. Installing an R code I’m building. 4-bolt main with closed chamber Boss 351 heads.
72 Coupe originally with F code that got swapped for a 351M in 78. That sucker is gone. Putting in the H code from my Mach 1 so I can sell off the car. I did a ring/gasket job on it.
Not done yet but here’s some photos of both.
73 mach 1 Q code,c6 auto with 2800 stall and shift kit almost done putting in the interior now
With all the science going on recently I was curious as to the number of 71 vs 72 vs 73 on this forum. Please take the time to post up year and make. Believe it or not this will give a pretty good sample group as to the percentage of survivors vs the # produced. IF YOUR PROUD OF IT, POST IT!!!

2- 73 Q codes. 1 sport package automatic, 1 regular interior 4 speed.
‘71 H code
1971 M-code 351 4V. Original engine is long gone, but I'll be building a replacement. Came with C6, and 3.00 rear axle. I've owned since 1985.


Just in the last two years I finally got the Marti report. Found out it came a different color than currently painted. Probably explains some of the interesting underbody work I've found when disassembling it on a rotisserie. It's going to require new inner front fenders on both sides, unless I find a real metal wizard who can kludge repairs together. I'm not strictly for true originality, I like to -drive- it and have a good time while doing so. :)

Asa Jay
‘73 Convertible - In Our Family Since 1997
Mild 351-C 4bbl, Sniper, 3.70 TruTrak.
A/C, C6, Original H Code engine is in the garage, waiting….

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