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Nov 23, 2023
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Southwest Oregon
My Car
'71 "M" code Mach 1, originally green automatic, now blue w/T-5 in restoration.
Hey everyone! I joined several weeks ago and jumped right into asking about the Pertronix III relating to my tach, and entirely bypassed the "introduction" process. Excuse my eagerness, please.

I'm just another aging dude who wants a last car-build to rekindle the best part of my youth. I had a '71 Mach in high school that set the tone for the rest of my life. Many years and many makes and cars later I'm back to the '71 Mach. I did the big Pantera restomod thing in the nineties, and of all the cars I've flipped, it's the one I miss the most. The '70 440-6 Pak 'Cuda, a close second.

My brother, who's not a car guy per se, recently gifted me his M-code '71. Over the years he bartered out the work he had done. Some was done well, and some not so well. Though the motor internals were done fairly well, as was the T5 transplant, most of the electrical was, shall we say not "user-friendly"? It needs body and paint, and interior parts, and a front urethane bumper to replace the chrome one there now.

I have struggled and struggled with this. I told myself after discovering the wiring mess that I'm just going to button it back together and flip it - but I just couldn't. I've coordinated with Midlife, Rocket Man and ib4Stangs to get the wiring and tach sorted out. I didn't want another project show car, yet by February it's heading to paint prison. I have the interest and some innate skills, but neither the space or experience to do paint and body myself.

So, that's the thumbnail introduction of me and my car. I'm grateful to have this community, and hopefully I can pull my weight and help others as I have been helped thus far.
Welcome from Chicago! Sounds like you have a good plan and it is in play. Look forward to some pics when it is painted, take some before pics also, those are always goo to show the transformation.
Everyone - any leads on a decent restorable 71-72 urethane front bumper would be helpful. I've studied the repair process in some of the more well documented forum articles on the site. I just took delivery of a used one from Colorado but successful, lasting restoration looks questionable. So, looking for one that is definitely salvageable.

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