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Feb 5, 2024
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I'm looking to raise the height of my review mirror. The mirror is in good shape so hoping to reuse it. Any suggestions on how to remove it? My first thought was to get out a hair dryer and loosen up the adhesive but perhaps there is a more direct way to remove and reuse? Thanks!
When I replaced my front windshield, the mounting plate was already attached, maybe molded into the glass during production. It may not be as easy as just heating up the mount, be careful. Good luck, let us know what you end up doing and how it goes.

Back in the late 70's the mirror and mounting block fell off on my 73 convertible. I used a razor blade to clean off adhesive. Maybe you could gently try a razor blade around the edge of the mounting block after removing the mirror set screw and mirror.
Interesting - good to know it likely isn't super bonded. I'm probably going to warm up the garage good, then use a hair dryer to warm up the mirror base and windshield good before twisting the base. Small plastic drywall spatula will be next option to pry it off. If these don't do the trick, then I'll get out the wood chisel! Place your bets!
When the shoe is bonded, the glue is put into the center and when the shoe is pressed into place, the glue spreads out. Theoretically, the side edges have the least glue and maybe that is why I have always had good luck removing them in the past. I used to be a car stereo installer and we installed rear view mirrors that had video monitors in them to provide a backup camera view. The mirrors we installed used a wider shoe than the factory Ford shoe so we had to remove them. I will admit that the first time I removed a shoe I was very nervous. My boss told me the same thing "Put this wood chisel here and wack it with a hammer"! It worked and I have been doing it this way ever since. Be cautious and good Luck with your venture.
When my E-350 Cargo Van needed a windshield, it came with the rear-view mirror "button" but it wasn't needed since I had solid rear doors. Mentioned it to the installer so he heated outside area with a Bernzomatic Torch lightly and it scraped right off. A very easy process...

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