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Maybe you can help me out. My car has mostly original paint except in the rear where some gulf coast body work was done back in what I was told the late 70’s. Anyway my paint has turned white. I can attach some pics but they don’t do it justice. Looks milky. I have taken it in and had it portered by professionals that said they can’t get it out. Any idea’s. It is mostly 50 yr old paint. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I was closer, I would just bring it to you!!



I typically don't come across paint that old but with single stage paint sometimes you can use a glaze to soften things up some. Those swirls could buff out but she looks really dry. The white I've never come across except for some paint that gets "sun burnt". The clear is damaged but in your case there is no clear so I couldn't say. Sorry I couldn't offer more.


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