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Oct 8, 2019
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My Car
1971 Mustang Convertible
1971 Mustang Mach I
1972 Mexican GT-351
1971 Mustang Convertible
1988 Bronco II
1970 Torino 4 door
Bought my first 71 ~1982.  Green coupe, 351 2v.  It got totaled in college so i got a 1972 Sprint Coupe, also 351 2v.  Got married, car sat, rust progressed, stripped it and junked it.  I was without a 71-73 for maybe a year.  In~1995 I purchased a 1971 convertible Arizona car.  I purchased the shipping invoice so I know how it was built.  Grabber blue, Ram air A/C deluxe interior but still a 351 2v.  Very solid.  I worked on it like crazy for a yr, stripped it completely, got engine compartment, undercarriage and trunk painted.  Car was pretty much stripped by me.  New suspension was also installed.  Roll forward 24 yrs and I am going to get it finished.  I just replaced the right front apron (battery) and filled a few small pinholes in floorpans (biggest was maybe a quarter sized hole by the time I got it filled).  Rear 1/4's had some but only at bottom rear.  6"x6" sections were cutout and will be replaced in the next week or so.  I will try to post some pics.  I am hoping to gain lots of knowledge and impart what little i may have.

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Welcome from Oregon. Looking forward to the pictures. Yeah, it's amazing how long these things can take, and how often they get pushed to the back burner.

Hello St Louis area noobie and welcome. If you are in need of any parts for your restoration , there is a parts guy in your area that I know. He has collected parts for many years and has several warehouses full of OEM and NOS parts. PM me and I can send you contact information. Good luck on your project as I’m sure it will be top rate.


Welcome from Illinois and another 71 Grabber Blue vert owner! Pics are always welcome here btw.


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