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Headlight Switch Bezel

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I am looking for all of the knobs and bezels for the headlight, wiper, and lighter switches on the dash.  I have found all but the Headlight bezel.  Does nobody make this part.  Reproduction is fine, but I will pay for a mint original if anyone has one.


If you have the part and are willing to sell let me know....or if you can point me to the part somewhere, that would be great.  I've been searching online all day and just cannot locate one.



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I had a look and found this one. There was somebody on eBay a while ago that had quite a few NOS light switch bezels , but they were gone really quick ...




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To my knowledge, the light switch bezel is not being reproduced at this time. I noticed that you stated that you did find everything but the light switch bezel. That does indicate things are looking a little better for our "Clydesdales". If you had searched for the same parts a couple of years ago you would have been really disappointed. Rarely did any of those bezels or knobs show up for sale. Used pieces normally looked like something out of a dump truck and NOS parts were priced like they were made of gold.

If the E-Bay offering falls through or you decide to go in a different direction, you could try WCCC (West Coast Classic Cougar) The same bezel is also used on the 71-73 Cougar.  https://secure.cougarpartscatalog.com/store/p/14285-Bezel-Headlight-Switch-Used-1971-1973-Mercury-Cougar-/-Ford-Mustang.html?attribs=81

Don @ Ohio Mustang Supply and Mike @ Motor City Mustang are forum members and also have parts cars so that might be another possible source.


The original part# for the "lights" bezel is D1ZZ-10852-D replaced by D3ZZ-10852-B. The source the repo manufacturer is using to assign part numbers is evidently the 65-72 Ford Master Parts Catalog. There is a part number discrepancy in the final issue (May 75) for the 10852 (Bezel) listings for the 71-72 Mustang. Ford elected not to correct it since it was in the final printing but the 73-79 catalog has the corrected listing.

The original "Wiper-Washer" bezel listing is D1ZZ-10852-B which was replaced by D3ZZ-10852-A. The final issue 65-72 catalog erroneously lists D3ZZ-B which is actually the "Lights" bezel. That's why I didn't suggest a search by part number (which I normally do) since it would only show a "Wiper-Washer" bezel.

OK, I'm done and need to catch my breath. I hope there is some info somewhere in all this you can use!   :whistling:



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I got one in last week from West Coast Cougar and it is a lot better looking then the one on this link, mine looks almost NOS, very close to the repro wiper/cigar bezel I got from another vendor.



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