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Hey folks,

Though my welding skills are slowly improving I did discover a dent caused by my welding. See attached picture. I guess I used too much heat there afterall...

To me it looks like the weld is pulling the metal due to shrinking. What would be the best way to get the dent to pop out again? A logical solution would be to make the weld put less tension on the sheetmetal above it but how?

Any ideas?




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Do you hammer your welds before you grind them? In a difficult place for sure you cannot get to the inside probably. They to make shrinking body hammers if it is an oil can situation that pops in and out.

You might go online and look at some video on heat shrinking the metal back. We have lots of places here that do the hail damage repair and they have the tools to get into the tight places. You might look for one there. They call it paintless repair here sometimes.

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You can get a paintless dent puller that uses glued on buttons, or weld studs to the low area and use a hammer puller, or drill holes in the low area and use a hook to pull the area.

Search results for: 'dent puller kit' (eastwood.com)



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I can pull it out with a suction cup but it pops back inwards when released.

I did not hammer the welds before grinding. Should I? Why so? In this case I can hardly get behind the weld.

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Well Vinnie, I'm no body man, but I have had experience working metal. I hand built steel air cleaner prototypes for many years. Basically what's happening here is you have stretched the metal by over heating the weld. Dressing the welds with an appropriate body hammer and dolly will even the joint area, but the oil canning need to be shrunken out. This can be done by pin point heating a spot to red heat, then using a hammer and dolly, hammer the high (red hot) spot back, then cool it with a rag and water, continue this until the oil canning is removed. This takes practice and a load of patience. What happens is when you heat metal in that way, the spot will actually shrink slightly and as you go, slowly shrink the entire area. There are "shrinking discs" you can get to use on a drill, but I've not used one to say exactly how. Basically, keep your heat lower and don't try to do too much at a time. 

Good luck, hope that helps, but I'm sure there are experienced body guys here who can explain better than I.


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If it’s oil canning, I have had good luck with drilling a hole or two in center of oil can. 1/4” hole will do. Then weld the hole shut and cool it quickly with a wet rag.  That should shrink it and tighten up the metal. 

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