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Removing watermarks from assembly manuals

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Last week, I ordered the CD with the 6 ford assembly manuals.  UPS man delivered it today.  On the CD, there are 6 pdf files with the manuals and helpful pictures and information.  Unfortunately, the folks who made them put a huge stinking watermark of their company name over every single page.  On some pages, the watermark obscures the information I actually wanted to see.  The pages could already be a bit tough to read to begin with.  The huge diagonal banner wasn't helping.

I whipped up a bash 1-liner that takes each PDF file, decompresses it, and changes the opacity of the watermark.  It makes the thing much easier to read and see the pictures now.  I figured it would be helpful to anybody else who'd gotten these.  Obviously, you have to copy them off your CD before you can edit them.  

Bash command I made for my computer running linux with imagimagik and pdftk, all free and open source software.  Changes it from 50% transparent to 99% transparent.


find . -maxdepth 1 -name \*.pdf -exec sh -c "mkdir tmp ; pdftk '{}' output tmp/uncompressed.pdf uncompress && sed -e 's/^0.5 g$/0.99 g/g' tmp/uncompressed.pdf > 'unwatermarked/{}' && rm -rf tmp" \;



Before and after.


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In a way, kind of like Forel Publishing and their stinking "Owner Guard" copyright licensing. They were so intent on protecting their content, it was near impossible to restore or copy the discs to a new computer. I have battled this for several years and had posted here about it. Now, finally, Forel have open everything up to download in PDF format as long as you have the codes from your disc purchases. I assume one can buy in PDF format as well.

It's too bad that publishers are more intent on splashing their name over everything, that the content we need, is compromised.


 I learn something new every day!

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