351 4v ( 408 and TKX )


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My wife and I are vacationing this week in (not so arid) Arizona. Driving and seeing everything we can as we go thru Scottdale, Sedona, South rim of the grand canyon,  Page, and then on to Zion, and finally Las Vegas, before heading home.

Have a great trip. Hopefully the weather will be drier next week for you then it was for us. I feel like I brought the east coast weather with me! Just my luck.

Good luck with the engine. It looks great. I am sure you can't wait to get back from vacation to get it installed in the car and turn the key for the first time. The waiting is the hardest part.
Wow your hitting all the spots!  I'm surprised all the rain AZ has been getting. I can deal with the rain just hope the 100 + degree temps are gone.

Believe me I tried to cancel the trip but the wife wasn't having it.    

I am up to 7 years now... still hoping, NOT to reach 11 years. But yours looks really good and I enjoy the updates. Nice engine, hope it does well and will produce good numbers! It looks like if! Nice valve covers...
Thanks Tim.  I thought 8 years at the most. I hope to drive it next summer.

 My wife and I went to see our 408c on the dyno. I highly recommend doing this if you have the chance. Very cool! 

John did 2 pulls for us both producing 468 HP @ 5700 and 471 TQ @ 4400. It was a little short of the around 500 HP that we thought it be but we where all surprised with the torque. We expected the torque to be around 430.

All in all I'm very happy with the results and feel the strong torque numbers make up for the horsepower.  Hope the video comes threw.   


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That will be an awesome street motor. You will love all that torque. We are all fixated about HP and just talk about HP, but torque is what gives you the acceleration that we so much want in the street.

The run down of my Cleveland.

71 4V cc heads

original 2 bolt main block

Holley 750 dp

Blue thunder intake

MSD ready to run  distributer 

MSD plug wires and coil

Milodon adj timing pointer 

Manley stainless steel valves

Crower 1.73 roller rockers

comp guide plates

Howards valve springs

Comp push rods

Lunati voodoo hydraulic roller cam/lifters 272/280 592/611

Lunati link bars

Scat stroker crank 4.000

Race tech/Auto tech forged pistons H beam rods

Rollmaster adj timing set

Melling oil pump

Milodon 8 quart pan

Milodon water pump

Ford Powertrain Applications headers

Asen USA boss/408 Cleveland polished valve covers 


Today removed the master cylinder and bench bled. Reinstalled and bled the whole brake system. Had 3 leaks to deal with. Can't believe it took most of the day to do that.  From there rolled it out side and pressure washed the dust off the engine bay. It's ready for the engine.      





It's  been 11 years this weekend sine I drove the Mach 1 in the garage  and tore it apart. For a milestone  my goal this holiday weekend was to get the engine and trans installed. Well not so fast!! 

I got stuck before I really got started. Reading through the Tremec instruction I see the importance of the input shaft alignment. OK I got this looks easy enough.  I gave my buddy call to see if he has a dial indicator and he does.  I set up the indicator to find the transmission surface is .014 out to the left. Removed bellhousing took a flat file to the block found a heave burr, right side block. reinstalled bellhousing, now at .006.  Checked runout on hole on the back of bellhousing found it  .017 low, need .007 offset dowel pin to raise up bellhousing to be within spec.  Tried to find offset  dowel pins locally with out avail. Ordered from Summit racing, be here next week, so much for getting engine and tranny installed this weekend. 

  Thanks to Tony about clearance on the motor mounts, checked my clearance and sure enough I had an issued as well.  Had to trim mounts on both sides.  So Glad I remembered this from Tony's post and didn't discover this  while dropping the motor in.       










It's like everything you rework on these cars - everytime you have to do some work you have to handle with the unexpected and find some solutions. Don't ask how I know for sure... Hope it will all fit well next weekend with the new parts and engine and transmission find their way back  :thumb:

It's like everything you rework on these cars - everytime you have to do some work you have to handle with the unexpected and find some solutions. Don't ask how I know for sure... Hope it will all fit well next weekend with the new parts and engine and transmission find their way back  :thumb:
I think they call this Hot Rodding Tim.

Been a while since I have posted my progress. Just been so damn busy. I got the off set dowel pins and installed the bellhousing right in spec. Moved on to the flywheel and clutch assembly. Trans and starter. This was new years eve. Next morning new years day my wife and I dropped the engine and trans down into the engine bay. 2022 is off to a good start.


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Been busy with work and RVing so progress has been slow. Desert season is winding down so I hope to get with it.

Gave the floor a little trim on the right side of the shifter pedestal.
Got it all bolted up underneath. Clutch cable speedo cable installed.
Carb, throttle linkage, brake vac hose, plug wires routed.
Duel feed line PCV hose, coil, crank pulley, alternator, voltage reg.
T Meyer T stat, T stat bypass and T stat housing.


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I have been at it for weeks. Wire wheeling, hand sanding and sandblasting. Did I ever mention how much I hate my harbor freight sand blast cabinet! Just saying. This weekend I got most of the parts primed and painted. Real happy how P/S pump turned out.


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