ac heater fan turning backwards?

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Aug 10, 2022
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Marks 73 Mustang
I put new fan motor in during restoration and now that its all back together I am not getting any air coming out the vents. looking down the middle AC vent the fan is either on backwards if that's possible or its a wiring thing. I can't remember can the fan be put on backwards?
can the wiring be on wrong terminal? looking for the easy fix.
before I start taking the seats out and trying to get my fat hands in there anyone have this come up in the past?
You would think that the orange wire would be +. nope switched these wires around and fan is blowing the right direction. Wires are coming out of new fan motor orange and black.
The old connector to the switch on fan box was orange.
Fan cage can only go on one way.
Happy Mustang guy. Summer is coming need that AC.


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I’ve posted on this subject several times. The repro motors being sold today are strictly heater motors. They do have a reverse polarity from the a/c motors and spin at a much lower rpm. You can swap the leads and get the replacement to spin in the proper direction but as stated earlier, lower rpm which translates to low cfm flow from the registers. The high setting from the heater motor is equivalent to the low setting from the a/c motor. You can buy used OEM motors on eBay, repair them and utilize them…as an option. Best thing to do is service your old motor if you haven’t discarded it yet. I have notified several vendors about this problem but they don’t seem interested in pursuing this problem to correct it.
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