Center gauge modification for RHD conversion.

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Feb 17, 2019
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1973 351c 2v fmx convertible
When i bought my car the center gauges had been removed and a standard center panel installed. This was due to the right hand drive conversion. Apparently the choice was no gauges or gauges angled to the left which you can't see properly. After numerous phone calls to conversion and parts people I found that no one actually produced a panel with the gauges angled to the right and you had to make your own. My car did not even have any after market temperature or oil pressure lights fitted. The old girl never overheated, even on long trips to off road racing tracks up north.

I purchased a slightly damaged  panel with gauges from the USA and found that it would indeed be very difficult to make the factory gauges point to the right. I then bought three 2" (52mm) VDO gauges and three VDO angled gauge spacers and grafted the reversed spacers into the existing front panel. They now point up and to right at the same angles as the factory gauges did to the left. I was trying to achieve a retro look. 

centre panel modification.jpg

Centre panel completed 1.jpg