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Apr 2, 2021
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For those workarounds for dash bulb holders

I have been trying to find a replacement center tri gauge light bulb holder (which I understand are not least I haven’t found any).

They are 5/8” and with brittle 50 year old of mine were broken, so the bulb holder wouldn’t stay securely in the bezel housing. They are the same bulb holders as those used in the center console lower clock lights, as well.

I found a workable solution as follows (not a 100% exact fit but works great with a small amount of Dremel work).  I was ordering some led bulbs from HiPo and though I would order some to give it a try.

HiPo Parts Garage: part #: T10-PTS-R (rubber).  Bulb socket w/ pigtail wire leads
They use the same 194 type (T10 wedge) bulb as the original.  Not concourse but workable and hidden behind the dash, in any event.

They come from HiPo with 4 knobs of which 2 needed to be ground down slightly to fit into the bezel.

picture 1: left is as ordered, right one has had 2 knobs dremelled off

picture 2: inserted into back of tri gauge cluster

hope this helps someone along the way...





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Jan 24, 2012
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Yes, I've looked all over for suitable replacements and came up with zilch.  I did find that early 64.5-65 two wire dash bulb sockets work great: they have plastic squeeze drips that lock into the hole, but use the 1895 bulb (same lamp power).  That's what I use when I refurbish center dash cluster harnesses with bad sockets. 


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