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Jan 1, 2012
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Eugene, OR
My Car
1971 Mustang Sportroof M code
I decided I would start a thread for my Mustang, been ongoing, of and on, for years.
Right now there's no engine in it, right front fender is off, the interior is stripped, front bumper off, and grill off.

I have a 4-bolt block and Q code heads at a machine shop. Getting the block bored out to 4.030 and getting hardened exhaust seats, valve guides, and machined for adjustable rockers on the heads. Will be installing a stroker crank for 408 cubic inches. I have most of the parts and materials I need, such as tubing for sub-frame connectors and sheet metal for boxing the upper and lower control arms.

When I bought the car the P.O. had done a fold down rear seat conversion. The only thing he sort of finished was the trap door, which is plywood. No rear seat. The original front seats were in it, kind of rough shape. I installed power seats from 70-ish Thunderbird, but they were too tall, with my head rubbing the headliner. So, I'm on the look out for SN90 front seat s and rear seats from a convertible. If my measurements are right the rear seats from a SN90 convertible should be just about the right size.

I will be installing a 6R80 transmission with a Quick6 controller from US Shift. And, this led to another thing, the only output on the 6R80 is an electronic pulsed signal. I originally thought about the SpeedBox from SpeedHut, but their speedometer plus tachometer cost less than just the SpeedBox. To keep the dash consistent I'll also install the SpeedHut fuel gauge, which makes the total around $40 more than just the SpeedBox. Their 4" and 2-1/6" gauges will be an almost perfect fit.
I printed out the gauge faces to scale and mocked them up in the instrument panel:
I'll be able to use the existing turn signal indicators but not the high beam indicator. Speedhut has an option for the speedometer that includes the turn signal and high beam indicators, but I believe I'll just install a blue LED right below the fuel gauge for the high beam indicator. I have already custom installed gauges in the center stack:
so the only thing I need to come up with is a brake warning indicator, and I have a couple of options there, will probably use a brake light bezel for '67 to '77 Broncos:
I won't be re-installing the stock lens, as the Speedhut gauges have their own lenses.
I had always intended to get the tachometer conversion from Rocketman, but going with the 6R80 transmission changed all of my plans.

Looks like the weather is starting to warm up, so hopefully I'll be able to keep myself motivated, still got a lot to do.
Nice looking gauges! MY factory Tach goes up to 8 grand as well...God help the owner who attempts 8 grand! I've wondered for years why most of the fuel pressure gauges go up to 15 psi, and will those read accurate, seeing as carburetors only need just under half of that. I found, and bought a gauge that goes up to 8 psi, which seems like it should be more accurate. It's going on with my new engine when it's installed.

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