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May 6, 2024
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Frostburg, MD
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72 Mustang Coupe
Hi all, this is my first post, but I am starting on the interior.

I used Shaffer Restoration for the exterior, and Jeff did an amazing job.

72 Coupe, 302 VIN F with an aftermarket edelbrock 4barrel intake and carb. (not happy with carb)

Everything is standard, however I changed my top and interior to black, the original was ginger.

As far as I know, its the original engine. Currently trying to decide how far into the A/C I want to go, blower motor works, but vacuum is leaking somewhere and its stuck in Defrost.
Welcome from So Cal. On the vacuum issue, you’ve got to start at the vacuum source and using a vacuum pump (tester), check to see if the hose to the vacuum reserve and the reserve itself hold vacuum. Once you’ve done that, you can test the next leg, the hose from the reserve to the HVAC controls. Set the controls to off and see if that leg holds vacuum. You can use this, provided by another helpful member:


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