Nice to find a site for 71-73

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Dec 7, 2011
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Ontario, Canada
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1973 Mustang sportroof
Just found this site. Nice to see others who appreciate the 71s-73s. Sick of hearing them put down.

I have a 73 sportsroof that I bought in August. It's a 3 speed with a 250 inline 6. I'm rebuilding the 302 out of my '69 coupe to put in her. One thing about the 71-73s. They're big cars and deserve to have some more balls. I'm just getting the 302 bored out at the machine shop and am gathering the bits and pieces I need to put her together again. Gonna put an Edelbrock top end on it to let her breathe.

I had a '67 GT 350 in the early 90s and, like a dummy, sold it when we had our first daughter. Kicked my ass ever since. I bought the '69 a few years back but it needed too much. She was too far gone. Kept the engine and some parts and sold the carcass for parts.

Now I have the '73 and the body's good, interior's good just needs some more power and some work on the front end and brakes. Eventually a new paint job will bring her back to her former glory.

Not open for further replies.