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An eighty-year-old rancher was about to marry a young girl of twenty-one. His trusted friend and adviser, the local banker, had serious doubts as to how long an old man would be able to satisfy such a young bride and feared for his friend’s happiness. So, for the sake of matrimonial harmony, he advised the old man to bring in a hired hand to help around the ranch, knowing full well that the hired hand would probably help out in the bedroom, too, behind the old man’s back. The rancher thought it was a great idea.
Four months later, the banker called on his friend. ‘How’s your new wife?’ he asked.
‘She’s pregnant,’ replied the old man.
The banker smiled knowingly. ‘And how’s the hired hand?’
‘Oh, she’s pregnant, too!’
A newly Wed young farmer needed help so he went to town to the employment agency and told the person what he was there for. The agency had only a young helper and a old helper so the young farmer said he would hire the old man. The agency director said the young man would give the most work. The newly wed young farmer replied " I have an old tractor and a new wife and I don't want a thrown rod in either one of them.