Question about engine frame mounts

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Wishing you good luck with the 302. Once you get the motor mounts/frame brackets sorted sorted out with the 302, the upgrade to a 351w or 351c is a relatively simple bolt in option. I ran a 302 in my Mach 1 while I was having the 351c refreshed.
Those do not fit '73, the listing is incorrect. One reviewer even noted they didn't work on his '73.
I stand corrected. When I purchased my 72, it had, unbeknownst to me, 73 frame pedestals and 73 flange style mounts. The Prothane mounts looked exactly like the 73 mounts I pulled out. The guy that installed my H-pipe exhaust system told me that they were worn out since the edge of the flange was touching my newly installed Sanderson headers. The replacement 72 mounts looked nothing like what I pulled out but there was then plenty of room between the left side header and the new mount. Another member of this blog informed me about the difference between the two years.