Question about screws for bottom of center dash bezel

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May 30, 2021
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Hello. I have a 1972 Grande with a standard center bezel set-up that I am replacing. Four screws attach it the bezel to the dash. I have the top two screws that attach the bezel to the dash just under the dash pad but I don't have the screws that attach at the bottom of the bezel to the underside of the dash. There are two holes at the bottom of the bezel and in the bottom of the dash. This is just under the heater controls. Can someone tell me what is the proper screw size is for the two holes at the bottom of the bezel. My bezel was removed before I started the project and I have tried a half dozen different screws but so far no luck. Hope you can help and many thanks for your assistance.
There may not be screws at the location you describe. The radios assembly installs with 4 screws and holds the center dash bezel tightly against the dash.
Thanks so much - I have screws for the radio/heater bezel so I should be ok. Many thanks.