Ram-Air hood spring swap

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Feb 12, 2011
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When I first bought my car in Jan of 1995 its had the Ram-Air hood. Over the years of learning what is what I realized that my hood hinge springs were the std round spring variety. I've never purchased a Marti report to know what options my car had originally. I do know the car has accident damage from a very long time ago and some poor repairs were accomplished. the secondary catch on the hood was moved so the hood had come up on me @35mph soon after I got it, and I'm sure it did the same in the past to the previous owner from the damage evidence.

I believe my hood hinges are not original but the hood is, as it was the same color as the body with the same patina on the dead original paint. I never had an issue with the hood slamming closed with the std hood springs, but my junkyard searches have recently awarded me some of the correct flat wire springs. I blasted, painted, and finally swapped the springs this evening. The flat springs are about 1/4" shorter than the round ones are. It is now noticeably more difficult to push in the hood to make the hinges go down. Aside from that, I am not able to determine definitively if one is stiffer than the other without utilizing some sort of measuring device. Just the fact that the shorter flat spring holds the hood up better.