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Parts Wanted Scammer alert


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Jul 14, 2010
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Southern Maryland
My Car
73 Mach 1 (x3) 73 Grande
68 Coupe
72 Sprint Fastback
72 Sprint convertible, 1 of 50 (sold)
69 GT 500 (sold)
68 Fastback deluxe int. w/bench (sold)
If anyone got a PM from "fina89" at "thankfulalways780 at aol dot com" beware. I smelled a skunk scammer and googled that email address. It pops up on other car parts wanted sites wanting you to email to that address only. They just joined today too so you might want to delete it...
It's the equivalent of spam telephone calls. I still get anywhere from 3-10 a day...
Why anyone would follow-up on a cold-call from some business is beyond comprehension.
I got one from fina89 the other day as well. Definitely a scammer. <DELETE>

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