What did you do to your car today?


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From the factory steel with sports caps.

20211002_161705 (Large).jpg

To some Australian made, early 1970's ROH Pro Sprint wheels. 235 / 60 / 14 on the front and 245 / 60 / 14 on the back.

20211017_134433 (Large).jpg

20211017_134412 (Large).jpg

Next job, to replace the front drum brakes with disk.

I bought my Mach a new friend


I painted my hood today.  After gaining confidence with the paint gun on the front bumper I figured what the hell, give it a go.

Here it is with stencil in place, masked, sanded and tacked ready for paint:


Well, moment of truth.  After two coasts of single stage and thirty minutes to flash, I removed all the tape.  Ta da!


I'm pretty happy with the result.  Not too shabby for "amateur hour".  Going to let it bake overnight and then reinstall tomorrow.  I'll wait a few days before putting on the Argent 351 RAM AIR decals.

It's starting to look like something.

But how heavy is this front bumper. Fortunately my wife and kids helped me to put it in place :)




Moved my car(s) 2100 miles cross country. If anyone is in the Perrysburg, OH area let me know! 


Today I upgraded my rear axles with some shiny new ones from Dutchman.

Noticed a driveline vibration developing a couple of weeks ago and after some trial and error, found out that there was about .040" runout on my right rear wheel at the hub face. I think all the extra traction from bigger tires came at the expense of twisting the old worn out axles. Hopefully these hold up much better long term.



Put in a new radiator expansion tank.



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