What did you do to your car today?


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Used the magic of the Mr Clean Magic Eraser to clean up chromed interior trim.  It's a *Miracle*!

It has been mentioned before way back in 2016, but most recently I used it to clean bezels, interior knobs and knob surrounds:  lights, wiper, lighter and radio (so far).  I'd rate the before condition as "medium pitting" and Mr Clean made them respectable looking again.

Sent the Country Squire off to the in-laws's for the winter. Best that it's away so I can focus on the Mach and some house projects 'til April. 

Now I'm cleaning up the disaster inside my garage....


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Repainted my Cast Iron Bell Housing.

Sent an email to ask on Camshaft order status.

Changed oil and filter, put new alternator and PS belts, put in new alternator wiring harness. Will be doing more tomorrow.

I took the old girl to the closest gas station and topped it off with premium and went back home for it's long winter's nap. 

Winter plans are to wrap up the wiring project, get the AC mounted and upgrade the brakes. 
What are your brake upgrade plans?  I've been considering the Mustang Steve upgrade using SVT brake parts, since I have most of them already, but I'd need to find drum brake spindles and hubs.

Well, today the weather was a balmy 37 degrees f, or about 3 deg c, but sunny, so as I had to take the car out of the garage anyway, I was installing security cameras, I decided to add a bottle of SeaFoam to the tank and of course I had to "mix it in", so I took her out for one last blast on a 17 mile loop around the river Thames (not the one in England!!) The car ran great after it finally warmed up, but it never got over 180 degrees which I guess was due to very cold air going through the rad. It ran like crap before that though, kept stalling at junctions. 

Now, time for hibernation till April.

EDIT: Hmm, no-one notice I called it SeaSpray, not SeaFoam!! Now corrected. That didn't seem right to me in the first place!

Thanks for the "likes".

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Put my wiper motor back in and connected all my wipers, after I had cleaned all the cowl are and put POR-15 on it, and then some seam sealer. Hopefully that will take care of the tiny leak on the passenger side. Flushed out the radiator and installed new upper and lower radiator hoses. Found out that my driver side header had a leak as it had 2 bolts loose which I tightened, and had one header tube on the passenger side that the 2 header bolts just fell out off. Thankfully I had some header bolts and I was able to replace them. 

Finally got back on the road after a 2 month (maybe longer, it's all a blur) hiatus. 
Had my son help me bleed my brake lines the old fashioned way, vacuum pump wouldn't do squat.
Drove around a bit, still trying to get the trakloc broken in.

Slowly making progress on my Sniper install.  Got the Sniper on plus some of the wiring done. Got the new Holley in tank fuel pump in and all the lines ran.  Test ran the pump to check for flow and pressure.   Cleaned and repainted the headers. Need to weld new bungs in the headers yet for the O2 sensor. I took some of the money I had set aside for a/c parts and purchased a Holley Hyperspark distributor. They are on backorder until the 9th Dec. so that will hold me up for a few weeks.  Hoping to have everything else done by then.  


Pump pressure is about 66 psi. 


Painted header along with my new Addco 1 1/8" sway bar


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Bought my 71 Mach 1 4 months ago and have never really driven it, except inside my property. After 4 months of work I took it out to the gas station, then to get inspected and then to the DMV to get tag and plates. It is now road legal and I can drive it. Most of suspension and steering work is done. Now going to change the third member on the 9" to a 3.50 posi (car has 3.25 open rear). and then go onto transmission, engine and body work. 

Besides tinkering on putting the engine back together. I ended up picking up a bunch of front suspension goodies for mine. There was someone on FB Marketplace selling global west upper/lower control arms, and strut rods because they are swapping to a Mustang 2 style front suspension to go with a 2013 Shelby motor swap. So I managed to pick it all up for a good price, and wound up with the disk brake parts, all the steering shafts/tie rods/pitman arm/etc, and even a set of springs. So I will probably wind up selling the parts I dont need to recoup some of the cost.

Nice score! 
I learnt the secret of finding parts. Just before finding these I had decided I was going to focus on paying off some bills and trying not to spend so much money on the car. And just like that, when I decide not to buy car parts, poof, car parts I want seem to appear lol. 


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