What is this thing?


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Mar 30, 2017
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I was busy this weekend in the quarter/trunk region of my 71 and saw this unknown little guy in the pile of dirt rust that I was busy removing from the drop-offs...
it looks like a "stop", the end of something rubbery. The metal seams to be some kind of lock as used on door locks mechanisms.
My 71 has many one year parts, but never seen this before. What is it?

@c9zx thanks Chuck! Never seen these before. Probably because they failed to drain anything :D


Found this 70' image. So this thing is ment to be outside?
How are they supposed to work? Wait till there is enough water pressure to push the rubber outwards???

The rubber seems to be clipped on the metal, should be fairly easy to replicate them.. mmm, not sure I will actually. They did not do really well on the 71. The lower panel to drop off is gone.
What rvrtrash said. From what I've seen, none of them performed the intended function. They are available. Chuck
Water can seep around the rear window seal, and the trunk seal, depending on the car, possibly a poorly "seam-sealed' portion of the rear wheelhouses. For whatever reason, the water does find a way in there. A problem area when doing bodywork can often be around the tail-light area, which can show signs of rust, so water can sometimes get in around the tail-lights if the seals are old and cracked. It's important to keep those drains open, as well as the drains in the cowl and lower portions of the doors. Crap gets in there over years of neglect and clog 'em up, then you have standing moisture rusting your body parts.

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