Where do these spacers go on the rear bumper


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Sep 2, 2021
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Hello! These came in my rear bumper bracket kit (1972). Where do the wave washers and spacers go?
Do the spacers go in-between the bumper and bracket or the bracket and car?
Bought my car with no rear bumper so running blind.
Maybe someone has an exploded diagram view?


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Wave washers sandwich between bumper and bumper bracket (bumper bolt goes thru the bumper then the wave washer and threads into the bracket nut clip). Those spacers typically aren't used unless there is a misalignment in your cars bodywork. In addition there are rubber/neoprene washers used between the bumper brackets and the body work for seal and protection.
Thanks Crush! So the washers go between the car body and the bumper bracket itself..... right?

Also... had some of those spacers for the front fenders too..... are those as needed as well or do they loft the fenders up some to prevent rubbing on stuff?
The rubber/neoprene washers (not shown in your orig. photo) fit between the painted taillight body panel and the bumper bracket.
The spacers may or may not be needed on the fenders, it's a trial and error to get a good fit.