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Name that Sound - engine noise?

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I fired up my 72 Mustang the other day and heard a new sound for the first time. It is sort of like you took a metal nut, put it inside a metal container and shook it a bunch. I think the sound is coming from the front end of the motor, around the distributor/water pump area. It might be coming from the driver side valve cover. I haven't had a chance to use the screwdriver to the ear method but was wondering if anybody out there has heard this sound before or has any idea what it could be.


I have a video clip of the engine idling. I will see if I can figure out how to post it.




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Grab the fan (with the engine off :) ) and see if the water pump shaft moves up and down. Just might not be leaking, but will if so...

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A collapsed lifter makes a heck of a racket. The long screwdriver to ear really helps isolate that kind of stuff. Good luck


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If it's the water pump you are a lucky dog IMO

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Sound seems to be coming from front and center. Also it is not a repetitive sound. Sort of erratic and it does seem to quiet down some as the engine warms up.




Scott, With what sounds like metal floating around, there's a potential for some serious damages by continuing to run it. Hopefully it's just the water pump, keep us posted.



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