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73 Red Vert

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At first I said wow....then started to check out the pics.


Looks like the restore forgot a lot.




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I guess that's not too bad of a price.  But you're right - there's a lot of things needing attention.


I'm not so sure about that center console... the dash pieces need some work... and how could they not notice how bad they messed up the hockey stripe on the driver side?


But, if it runs well, has a clean title, and the HVAC works, I'd be interested (if I had the room, that is).



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Don't you just love that distributor? Makes everything else under the hood look small.



“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”

--Albert Einstein


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Not as bad as some but looks pieced together. Has the small radiator not for Air car.


My 73 vert with factory air came with the 2-row radiator.   Never, ever had an overheating or hot temp problem.


I was very impressed with it's cooling efficiency when once idling at a show entry line in 93 F temps for over 45 minutes; temp remained right in the  192 - 198 range all that time.  I actually turned the AC on with the top down than day just to get some minor cool air out of the vents.  Big block cars in the line were pulling out of line everywhere to shut things down in an attempt to cool down.

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