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Passenger side AC Vent

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I am curious if there is an easy way to replace the passenger side AC vent.  I have the part, but am not sure if I have to remove the whole dash, or part of the dash.  Figured I'd ask before I start removing it all piece by piece until I figure it out.

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Do you mean just the louvered vent, or the whole mechanism? The vent itself pops out -- with caution. Pry up the little tab at the bottom carefully then pull the bottom out and down towards you.

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If it is the directional louvers and the piece the twists L to R you can remove from the front. If you have to take the whole piece out that the tube hooks to you can take glove box out and get it off but sort of a blind feel thing.

Like stated the louvers snap in place. Time makes the plastic brittle so when you take a scribe and pry up on the tab be careful and just go far enough to allow you to pull the part out.

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