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Hello from Las Vegas


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It has a stock looking interior with the stock radio, and the real sound system is hidden in the trunk.

The interior is pretty good.

Are these the right seats?



It's a beautiful car, that's for certain!  Even as a kid (56 now) I liked the '71 to '73 models better than the original body style.  To me the earlier non-fastback Mustangs look more like a secretary's type of car.  I still appreciate them however when I see a nice clean example, and they were incredibly successful from a sales perspective.  I also have a soft spot for the '69 Mach 1 or Boss 302.  Those are the correct style seats but they are likely reproduction seat covers.  You can usually tell by the slight puckering of the material.  Also there should be a rectangular metal bar, geez i forget the actual name right now, at the top of the middle gray section.  Those aren't reproduced and they have to be transferred from the original seat covers to the reproduction set.  Many times people don't do that, or don't have it, so this metal bar isn't there.  That is the least of your worries as it is a very appealing car.

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