Hello from Connecticut


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Apr 27, 2022
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1972 Mustang Convertible, 351 C2V, 3 Speed Manual Transmission, Decor Group, Color Keyed Racing Mirrors. 6C Medium Goldenrod, White Knit Vinyl Bucket
Hi all, Mark here, I'm a long time Mustang lover, owned a few 71-73's, and a couple of Fox Bodies. I bought this 72 vert off of a family in Mississippi just over the Tennessee line near Memphis. It took awhile for me to get it bought, because I had to have it inspected, as I am in my busy season, so I couldn't go look at it. I found a gentleman named Kevin, who runs a company called Art & Speed, and he said if you don't buy it, I will, so I bought it. So she is sitting at Art and Speed now getting buffed and polished on what very well be the original paint, and putting the tires back on the stock rims with the decor package (Mach 1) hub caps and beauty rings. . The cool thing is she was sold new about thirty miles north of us in Massachusetts, and yet somehow ended up down south with supposedly only about 28,000 miles on her. I bought it off a guy who got it from the estate of a couple that passed away for cheap money and flipped it to me for a big profit. Being the capitalist I am, that doesn't bother me. All the pics I have are from him, so once I get her home, I'll take my own and post them.
Welcome western CT here... have 72 and 88 convertibles...hope to see around in some shows...
Welcome from southern New Hampshire.
Post some pics!
Welcome and howdee from Texas! Round about way of getter yore prize but whatever it takes! Let’s have some pics!
Welcome from southern New Hampshire.
Post some pics!
Hi Everyone, thanks for the hello's !! I was hoping to post some pics once I get her home, right now she is still in Tennessee at Art & Speed. I need to arrange shipping soon, after they are done buffing it out and changing the wheels over to the stock hub caps and trim rings that came with the decor package. But I will send some of them anyway for now.