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Sold Adjustable knob for remote control mirror, drivers side


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I know this is not a readily noticeable part, but I would really appreciate anyone looking through their parts bin to see if they have one. Unfortunately, the two places I contact tell me they believe the part is disconnected. This was a part that fit many years and make Fords. Thank you for your efforts. Steve
When I contacted CJ, they told me out of stock and out of production. So, maybe you’re right. I will probably just put the right threaded fastener in there for now. I’ll put in an order to NPD and see what they do. Thanks fir the advice.
Here’s what I asked of NPD:

Product Inquiry,

Do you know when I will be able to order 17B718-1A? It shows out of stock and it won’t let me order it anyway. Thanks, Steve

Currently working on:
1973 Mustang Grande

Regards, Steve McMahan

And here is their response:

Good afternoon Steve,

Unfortunately our 17B718-1A is in a temporary out of stock status. We have made multiple attempts to purchase it and the vendor cannot supply them. So we are at a stand still till they start producing them again.

We appreciate your patience…


Derek De Beliso

Customer Service Manager


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