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There should be a connector for the console clock / lights harness

The wiring for the map light is part of the convenience group, it comes with the glove box light

under dash lights, trunk and under hood light. So you probably will need to make a harness for that

Good timing, as I have a customer just now who sent in a 73 with a working map light!

Good timing, as I have a customer just now who sent in a 73 with a working map light!
Randy, can you look at the 73 harness and see if the map and courtesy light wiring is part of the main dash harness? I believe Ford incorporated it into the harness for '73.

Question if I may please: if a convertible (a 71 in my case) comes from the factory with under dash lights, but does not have the convenience group, does it have just the wiring for those under dash lights or the complete dash wiring in place for the remaining convenience group lights (map,, glove box)?


The convenience light harness in 71-72 was a separate item. All of the harnesses had the footwell lights, otherwise they would have had to had specific harnesses just for convertibles. I put the footwell lights in my 71 Mach, but it does not have the map light connector.

Sorry guys, but the customer's map light was plugged directly into the center console clock plug such that the wire colors don't match nor the functions. IIRC, one needs a ground, a green/yellow fused battery power wire and a black/blue courtesy light wire. The last wire is unavailable anywhere in the middle of the harness, so yes, one needs the convenience harness to do it. Typically, if a customer wants a map light, I dig into the harness to find the black/blue line and tap into it. The other wires are easily available to splice into. That's the best I can do without the convenience harness.

Midlife can speak better on this than myself but here is two cents worth.

Since there was no dome light in verts they got the lights on each side under the dash. I think pretty much ever car has it's own unique wire harness based on what the options were. The only exception I know of is the plug for the console clock on 72 & 73 is always there. I do not know about 71 since you could get clock in dash also.

I have 7 cars and all have the convenience lights and console. Three are parts cars.

I know I paid $185 for a complete harness from headlight to tail lights without a cut wire and no missing connections. Was for a 73 vert with air, convenience group, gauges, AM/FM, automatic so it was not easy to find. Took a year to find one. Drove several hundred miles to get but he had removed it so that was a big plus.


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