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(Gone- has been given away) Free - Mustang parts grab bag. Local pickup only near CA/OR border on Interstate 5. Requires pickup truck or trailer.


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Jan 17, 2015
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My Car
71' Grande project.
Update 12/5/21

I just had a guy drive down from Oregon and head home with a pickup full of stuff!  Hopefully the parts get some use at their new home.

I live in a rural area that is 250+ miles away from a city of any size.  Over the past 15 years I have picked up new and used things here and there for my mustang build.  I have a pretty respectable pile of things that I won't ever use (fiberglass hood, rear sportsroof glass, decent fender etc...).  I also have a bunch of small stuff that makes no sense to resell like various AMK fasteners.  

Here is the deal.  It is all free - one big lot of stuff.  You show up, we load stuff in your pickup or trailer.  Take it all, even the stuff you have no use for, you must take everything I load up in your ride.  There isn't any junk.  I am not going to list out everything but it does include the Maier fiberglass hood I have.  

Pickup has to be during daylight hours on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  Whatever you bring to pick up the parts must be large enough to transport a hood, fender, back glass and at least 100 pounds of other bits.  I am about 30 minutes South of the CA/OR border on I5.  If you are serious about a road trip, or will be passing through for some other reason get ahold of me.  I want to reclaim some garage and attic space.

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We are coming up on another weekend.  Come see beautiful smokey Northern California!  

I think I might have some steering linkage to toss in too, and some new ACP hood scoops and fender extensions.  

I have definitely thought about it, if I had the space for it I would have already been there and picked it up. Finally someone has Mustang stuff in my vicinity and I can't take advantage of it  :classic_angry:   My wife and I downsized last year, smaller house, smaller yard and smaller workshop. I finally got everything out of storage 4 or 5 months ago, still moving stuff around trying to maximize work space, all mechanic tools and car in the workshop, woodworking and yard tools in the garage.

My wife says I have too much stuff,  but I use it all occasionally. Some stuff like the engine stand and engine hoist aren't used very often, but when I do need them I have them. I'm in the process of revising my engine hoist so it's easier to break down and store when I'm not using it, can't leave it set up now. When I need to cut some lumber for some project, things like a compound miter saw and table saw are great, can't put down tile without the tile saw, etc. I'd like to install tile in the bathrooms, they're vinyl on the floors. At least the kitchen, laundry room and family room floors already are tiled. Out of all of the places my wife and I have had over the years this house probably needs the least amount of work.  Had to build the workshop and still have a few things left in the yard, then back to the Mustang.


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