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Vehicles For Sale How to price my mustang - Honest Feedback Wanted - 1973 Fastback/MachI Hybrid


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May 13, 2018
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Bakersfield, CA
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1973 Mustang - 351 Cleveland
Hello All-

Unfortunately, I never got the chance to post much here and my days of being a mustang owner have come to an end. I have a 1973 Fastback I'm selling that is mid restoration. I call it a hybrid b/c it originally had the 302, I put the 351C2V, C6, and 9" rear end from my 1971 Mach I and was in the process of converting exterior and interior to the more traditional Mach I look. It pains me to get rid of this car, but I have some financial priorities for my kids and its time to part ways. I simply don't have the time or money right now...but eventually I know I will pick another one up.

Before spewing out all of the data...I'm hoping this would be the right place to ask for some honest advice on how to price it. I have a number in mind but wanted some unbiased feedback first. I'm also curious what sites folks would recommend to list on. When I know the right place to post, I'll add all of the specs/modifications and history on the car. Its really close to being a BADASS car, just need to find the right buyer who wants to do some minor body work, paint, and install the brand new interior that comes with the sale. Thanks!!


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