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Feb 10, 2024
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Our mustang journey began in September. My son expressed interest in becoming a mechanic, one thing led to another and we ending up bringing home a 71 hardtop.

The car was a father daughter project that had sat since 1998 or so. The body is in really good condition. Mechanically? not so much. They were in the process of adding all the mach 1 detail parts so the car came with a nice pallet of parts in little and big Ford boxes.

The Marti report lists it as a red car that shipped with whitewalls. The drivers side door looks like the only bolt on piece that is original, the front clip and passenger door look like they have been replaced. It's a 302/2v with a C4.

The engine is siezed so we plan on pulling it in March so we can start to figure out if it's salvagable. Our goal this summer is to finish the body/underbody/engine compartment. As long as the engine and transmission are out we have lotsa room to work on the suspension and brakes. Here are some pictures.
Welcome from Las Cruces. Like the ram air hood and dog dish hub caps, cool project.
I think we have 3 sets of the hubcaps.....

We are in Maryland and the weather is just starting to get comfortable for outdoor car work so we are really excited.

Here are two more shots, side and rear. We have an undented trunk in the parts pile as well as the very fancy flip gas tank lid. Theres a bit of everything in that pile..

Welcome from Ohio. Looks like it's going to be a good project car. Really great to see you invest your time into your son not only to teach him about rebuilding a car but also the bond that you are building between you two. Too many fathers now days seem not to be willing to take or make the time to do things with their kids. You only get one chance to do it so do it right.

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