Neutral Safety/Backup Light Wires

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May 31, 2020
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Alberta, Canada
My Car
1972 Mach 1
351C 4V - C6
Blue with Blue interior
Well I swapped the C6 in my car for a built AOD, and everything is pretty much done besides the wiring. Im trying to splice the AOD harness into the original one from the C6. The weird thing in my mind is that it looks like It had 2 plugs from the C6 that went to the body. A blue square connector with 2 wires, and a black connector with 4 wires. Im trying to figure out which 2 wires are the neutral safety, and which 2 are the backup lights. So I thought I would see if anyone happened to know. Based on the wiring diagram I was looking at, it looks like the red w/blue wires(Black plug) are the neutral start, and White w/pink and Black w/pink is the backup lights. But that leaves nothing on the blue plug. I hope im making sense. I also snapped a pic of the wires/plugs that I am working with.20220517_204753.jpg
Midlife is correct (no surprise there! <g>). The blue plug with the Light Green (Circuit 469) and Purple White Hash (Circuit 269) is part of the now defunct Seat Belt InterLock system that was such a debacle that the legislation requiring it was rescinded shortly after the new vehicles manufactured began to include that system began to be sold. Pretty much everybody was then legally allowed to bypass or defeat the InterLock legally back in those dark days. I was about 19 when all that came down. It was big news back then...

Attached is a schematic snippet for the 1973 Mustang with a few annotations and Circuit Numbering clarification (32 as well as 32A to indicate the functional difference between the Circuit 32 designation from the original schematic).

I also did a quick YouTube video on how I spliced the NSS harness (not modifying the vehicle harness) with the new AOD NSS pigtail I acquired from Summit Racing. The part # for the AOD pigtail from Summit Racing is RFW-PG057. The video is: