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Feb 20, 2020
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North Georgia
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1972 Mach 1 dark green
Being only a 2 week old Mustang owner I am looking at all angles of the car before getting "into" it.  The car currently has it's normal radiator (unknown if original) plus a "made in China" external somethingorother with an electric fan.   while I am NOT doing a concours resto I like things to look as they did in 1972 so want to ditch the made in china thing and just go regular radiator.   I see several of the vendors with radiators from the low $200's up to $700 ish.  I also see a slew of radiators on fleabay in the $140-$300 range.  Are the fleabay ones 'get what you pay for" or are they decent ones for the purpose?  Here are a few examples along with my current set up.  I imagine if I go aluminum I could paint it black.  I am sure the fleabay ones are also made in china but I bet a lot of vendor ones are also? Also, 2, 3 or 4 rows, which is better?!30175!US!-1

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i'm a hugh fan of Champion alum rad's. I've used them in 4 cars and no issues at all. and they fit and are polished. first u need to define if the stang has AC or not. my '73 does not but I am using a AC 3 core rad because it's a little bigger. now u need to know if u have non-AC and go to a AC rad u will need a different shroud that covers the AC type rad. with champions I go directly to there web site or order. (

the upper hold brackets will work going from non ac to an ac. u just move the mounting bolts outward.

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My suggestion would be for a 3 core original style steel rad. If you like the look of the Aluminum, then go for that, but 3 core at least for sure.

I had my original style rad re-cored to 3 with no regrets as I wanted to keep the factory look.

You will probably need to buy the CORRECT shroud and fan. I stress correct fan! No FLEX fans, ever. If you can't source an original fan, consider a good clutch fan set-up. These are available and do a good job. You may be able to buy a shroud from OMS for example.

Sound like you have a pile of things you are doing to your "new" car. Treat it like eating an Elephant, one bite at a time.

Good luck moving forward.

so my existing shroud and 4 blade fan need to be changed with a new radiator?
Ah, so I misread your post. You still have the original fan and shroud PLUS an electric fan on the outside, correct?

If you can get your rad re-cored to 3 or even 4 core, you would keep that original look and maybe save some money and you should have no overheating issue.

 If the reason for the outside fan was because of overheating, maybe there are other issues to deal with like the block is getting plugged up or the pump is shot. OR maybe the PO just thought it would look good, who knows!

I replaced my radiator because it leaked and thought a new shroud would spruce up the look -- but it didn't fit! Since the old shroud was in fine, just faded condition, that's what I'm using.

Just my 2 cents! I had my original to the car radiator re-cored by a local shop and added a 6-blade fan I bought from one of the Mustang parts vendors, no overheating issues!

Im rollin with a Champion radiator, it works fine.

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what motor are u running ?? if a 302 when I go to garage later i'll look up the part number I used for champion. and it is a AC rad. if you have an orig rad now the shroud should fit no problem.

well bringing back this thread as I was cleaning my original radiator for paint and tried to take the petcock out and the entire thing popped out of the radiator.  So I could get it fixed but I might as well use this as an excuse to get a new radiator.  I have not problem with aluminum, is this the Champion radiator of choice??

any issue if I use my original plastic shroud and 5 blade fan?   I am running a 351c, was an 2bbl now 4bbl and putting in a new Sanden AC unit as well.

Just my opinion. I would fix the original. Just my 2 cents. I'm running a pretty well modified 351C along with the original untouched radiator from 1973 with stock fan and shroud and never have a problem. Sat in bumper to bumper traffic in 95-100 degree temps on the 2017 Power Tour and the car never came up over 195, me on the other hand with no AC was cooking.  

 I would personally see about getting it fixed and then flushed out.  Will probably save you some headaches in the long run and unless your were having heating issues you know it works.  Also might want to read the article that Don C has a link to in one of the above post if you do decide to go aluminum.

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