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Oct 24, 2017
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My Car
Original owner of custom order 1973 convertible with the Q code. I still have the factory window sticker. She has competition suspension, deluxe interior with full gauges, ac, tilt, and forged aluminum slotted mag wheels. The hood is the original flat black dual scoop and a black trim along the bottom sides. All original.
My 73 CJ convertable is a one owner and Marti certified one of one. I bought her at a dealer who said someone had custome ordered the car but not picked it up. Now she is old enough small things need work but simple replacement of parts is not an option. I had to rebuild wheel cylinders for the back brakes. Now I need the radiator rebuilt. Can not replace or lose value on the car. She is all original except for shocks and tires. If you can believe I have the original window stickers.


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Nice car. In 89, I had a 73 Grande that same color with the deluxe avocado interior. I still would like to have one just like it.
Welcome and nice vert! Would love to see more pics.
Hello and Welcome from Michigan. Great car! One piece of advice for you is to not wash it with water. All it does is make them rust. Plenty of spray on cleaning products out there. I only use a little bit of a spray from the hose if I need to clean the wheel wells. And then it’s just a very light spray. Just my 2 cents worth.

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