Reverse Trike 68 Camero

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Aug 8, 2018
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Here's something you don't see ever day and I'm grateful for that.... The Camaro Trike.

In case the add goes down:

Seller's Description​

Valkyrie reverse Trike 68 Camero. needs finishing. Don't ask if still available. Will remove when sold. DM for price and if you want a video I'll ask for your number to text to. Title in hand in my name, registered to July 2024

Looks like an oversteering nightmare to me. I wonder how it does on slick crosswalk paint....always hated hitting those in the rain on a motorcycle.
Let's just be thankful it wasn't a Mustang.......... of any year.
What a friggin joke.
I get that some people want to be creative and try something different, but this takes the cake.
It won't be in my garage any to soon..... I mean ever.