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Shifter Wiring Harness


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Apr 3, 2022
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1971 Mach 1, M-code
Hello, I noticed while rebuilding my shifter (1971 Mustang) that it is missing several pieces and I am not sure what is available new. So I am asking the forum members for help. Here is what I am looking for:

(1) the shield that covers the wiring and bolts (2) to the left side of the shifter body;
(2) the shifter shields (smaller pieces) and O-ring [there is a guy in Poland making these, anyone in US?]
(3) neutral safety switch (I think I found it at Kentucky Mustang); and
(4) shifter light wiring harness.

I have a 71 with C4, the neutral safety switch mounts on transmission where shift rod comes out, and wire bundle goes up to rear of engine. It’s common and easy to find.. I have a gear indicator light that seems to go out and into the tunnel and also come up near rear of engine….
This is the only wiring harness I can find anywhere. Seems that no one reproduces it. WCCC has one, they say its for the C6 transmission, but I bet all these wiring harness are basically the same, at least in the important end, which is from the rubber seal forward into the shifter, as all the shifter bodies are the same. The only difference I can think of in that harness would be either in the length of the wiring, or on the plug, or maybe both, but if I was to take a guess the difference would be in the length of the wiring, which can easily be modified. A forum member should have one of these wiring harnesses sitting around, cannot be that rare of a piece, and maybe you can get a better deal than what WCCC is asking for this:
71ProjectJunk, your second comment with a link is the light I am looking for.
The seal/shields are elusive. The picture of the rubber hole seal is not what I was referring to.

Here are some pictures of what I was referring to and looking for.
(A) top shield with O-ring
(B) blue color shield
(C) seal/shield over neutral safety switch


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