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Jun 8, 2018
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Madison South Dakota
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1971 Mach1 351C
The story starts back in fall of 2005 shortly after we built our home in northern Illinois. We moved in October 2004.

On a road trip back from wife's sister in St Louis wife started "why don't we have a mustang like the one dad gave my sister and I in college?" I replied, '71 Mustangs are not so easy to find, she replied like that one in the field?

To my surprise a guy had a project car used car lot on the right side of I55 in a field, so turn off the interstate and investigate. Found the still 2023 current project her '71 Mach1 M code. The car was in pieces, heads were removed to show where the face of a valve went thru the cylinder wall. Many of the engine parts were in the trunk as well as a new carpet, and the seats were recovered.

Time passed, the cheap stuff was done, engine, trans and rear end. Brakes and steering along with wheels and used tires followed. More time passed and did rust repair, new quarters, trunk, wheel wells and rear panel. At that point figured we are next to complete.... Lies

Finally we got smart, sold the house and relocated family to South Dakota, same time took the car to a local restoration shop and had them "finish the body" $14k later car was ready to ship out west.

Has been sitting here in the garage almost a year, in primer awaiting paint, along with all the detail stuff to follow. Notified today, paint dude to pick it up Tuesday evening for the summer to get color on this project.

That is going to be 18 years from acquisition to paint, then who know from there to completion... Any ideas?

Here are a few photos taken this day20230429_110103.jpg20230429_110121.jpg
It's always an ongoing effort with our cars! It looks like you've done your due diligence getting it ready for paint. What color are you going with?
Light pewter, no stripes just black lowers and mach1 lettering. No blackout on the hood either
I hope you painter doesn't put your car in "body shop jail". It should be a great looking car when painted. Chuck
I hope you painter doesn't put your car in "body shop jail". It should be a great looking car when painted. Chuck
Likely, 3 to 4 months. Hope to get it back before heavy winter, and this time 2024 progress with all the detail stuff and interior
Congrats! It'll look awesome with no stripes - that's how mine came from the factory (no stripes or spoilers), however it is a Ram Air car, so I have the TuTone on the hood.
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Real nice, ours has the moldings separating the two colors and front bumper is rubber-ish car color.
Nice, that's basically how mine started life except it was grabber yellow. The only options where power steering and the under dash air-conditioning. But it was a M code 4 speed car
Wife's has power steering, drum brakes and no A/C. Did not come with a console either, but have one and not sure it will get installed.
Both of our 73 Mustangs (Mach 1 and Convertible) came without factory A/C. We added Classic Air A/C to both, and are very pleased with the performance of those systems.