460 swap on a 72 Mustang base


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Apr 13, 2024
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1972 mustang base with 302
I currently have a 1972 mustang with the 302 that id like to do some modifications to but trying to decide what avenue to go, I have a 1985 f250 with the 460 big block that I will be doing a engine replacement on in the near future however Ive been debating using the old engine and having it rebuilt to put in my mustang. Im wondering if anyone has ever done this swap before if itll fit inside with factory mounting locations or if itll become a custom fabrication job and if it is possible what would be a good transmission to go with it?
The 71-73 were designed especially to accept the 429. Engine wise you only need 385 series engine mounts similar to 429. For the trans, I don't know what you have but you can have a pretty big bell housing as it was the case for the C6/429 combo without any firewall/tunnel issues. Drive shaft length depends again on your trans (and governor type/length if automatic). And you will have to find a set of headers that fits.
Good luck!
Roy built a pair of block brackets for me this past winter, though I had located a pair of the 429/71-72 Convertible frame mounts. The block brackets are the hardest part to find IMO. Immaculate work and very nice. He even milled a "R" and "L" into them. First class guy. Highly recommended!
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