Another minor win for the 71 - 73 group today. A first and second at the Mustang Owner's Museum

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Jan 7, 2015
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Western North Carolina
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The MOM held a show just for Mach 1 and Boss Mustangs. Of course most there were new Boss mustangs so did not think there was much hope. It was a popular vote show so no judging. There was lots of visitors today and had lots of interest in my car. There was also a pretty nice 1972 Mach 1 Gold Glow that he had in high school. He had not been to a show in 15 years but came out today. When the votes were all in he won Second place and I won first which was a shock. I got nice plaque and one years membership to the MOM for free. At 2:00 it was 94 deg. in Concord, N.C. and I had left home a little before 6:30 that morning about 123 miles down there. No AC of course in the old beater truck towing the 20' enclosed trailer and the Mach 1. The new gal friend went with and sat there and spent time in the MOM looking at the cars. She worked in Ford Prototype for 17 years. Was 97 deg, when in Shelby and had to stop for a milk shake. Got home and started pouring rain and was 74 deg. here in the mountains. A few pics they are very slow to download for some reason will add more later.
For those that do not know. I live in North Carolina but I put the Michigan plates on the car for a good reason. They are M plates. The third digit is and M that designates a Manufacture's plate used to put on prototypes to take out and drive on the street. A Ford engineer got them when the expired and I got off of Ebay this year. Got two sets. The new gal friend noticed right off and said " An M plate cool".
The old truck has 211,000 miles now and still ticking.
I did invite several to join the group not in the group.















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Thanks for representing us in a FINE way sir!  You deserve that title from all the hard work.


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