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Russ McElwee

Sep 3, 2021
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Good afternoon - Am in the process of completely rebuild my 71 Mach 1. This one has all the accessories (power windows, rear defrost, AC, gauge package typical in Mach 1). Getting the car ready for paint. Already been blasted and Epoxy primed and undercoated. All running gear and engine installed. Wiring harness been gone through by Midlife - both the engine bay and dash harness. Question is what need to be connected at the dash to get her up and running? Paint shop is going to blast and refinish the dash so don't want to completely rewire. Just enough to get it up and running. Know the obvious - NSS, ignition, engine bay harness and the fuse box connecting the dash and engine bay harness. What else? Know the wiring on these are so interconnected something else has to be connected to allow the ignition circuit and run circuit to work. I know seem backwards. But if I can make the hole the paint shop has for me - I can get her back together over the winter. Trying to take the shortcut.
Thank you sir. Had Rocketman convert my tach so have a jumper on those leads. Replacing the ignition switch (electric part not key part). New connector has 7 pins - old harness has 6 wires/pins. Any suggestions?
There's a red/white wire (or white/red) that is used for non-tach applications. It's fine where it is: it simply doesn't connect to anything in your car.
Just sat down to send you an email with that very question. Wish I would have checked the thread before going to sleep. Would have saved me a couple of hours staring at the ceiling. Thank you sir. Great resource for us novices.
You don't need any wiring to start a car, drive into trailer and shop!!! If battery and cables are in place.......just run a wire from Battery positive to the positive of the coil. (I usually make it long enough to be able to PULL off the post )so it kills the engine) I always use point dsitributor as to know deal with MSD, extra wires etc etc

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