Holley 12-305 OE Style EFI Fuel Tank Modules, 255 LPH


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Mar 19, 2012
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Forgive me if this post is misplaced... i did a search but could find nothing on this subject..

The above Holly in tank OE (Replaces the OE fuel sending unit) EFI fuel pump kit is for a 1970 mustang ...

Other than the fuel gauge needing to have the correct set up .... Can anyone see why this unit for a 70 couldn't be tweaked a tad to work in a 71????

Below is a link to this pump. Thank you for your time. 


If it were me, with no other options, I would buy a new correct sending unit and a EFI fuel pump and adapt it to the new sending unit.

The biggest problem with using the stock tank for EFI is the lack of a sump, which provides a small reservoir of fuel when the fuel in the tank is low and the fuel sloshes from one end to the other, or side to side, when accelerating, stopping , or turning, leaving the pickup high and dry. There are after market pump assemblies that mount in the top of the tank that do have a very small reservoir.

There is at least one expensive EFI tank for '71-'73 Mustangs 

Aeromotive FT76 Stealth Fuel Tank Kit Gen II 340 LPH 1971-1973 (cjponyparts.com)

Edit: Make that a 429 sending unit, that has the 3/8" outlet

SENDING UNIT ASSY, FUEL TANK - #9275-4D - National Parts Depot (npdlink.com)

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