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Apr 24, 2013
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My Car
1971 J Code Mach 1
1972 H Code Mach 1
The original soft dash pad and metal dash panel are missing from my car so I'm trying to figure out the best course of action to replace it.

My car should have the Mach 1 Sports Interior option in blue, so this panel would have been painted blue.

The panel that was in the car was black so it would need to be painted.

I think I know the answer to my question but I'll ask anyway- is the texture in this panel part of the panel or is it done with paint somehow?

I found a spare panel in my stash (after noticing that 73 MY panels have holes and 71/72 don't, see below) that was blue but was painted black. I tried scrubbing off the black paint with an abrasive pad but too late saw that I'm removing texture which leads me to believe the texture is in the paint and not the panel. I was hoping to get lucky and be able to remove the black paint and save the blue but it doesn't appear that I will.

I did not realize that the 73 panels had these extra holes in the top.
Dash Panels.JPG

72 Date.JPG

73 Date.JPG
73 cars has the holes (screws) to assist in holding everything down , it also releases the stress put on the clips from breaking. My 71 cars do not have the screws and is held only by the clips.
The texture is stamped or rolled into the metal, much like the doors on the earlier year cars. "Best" paint removal technique would be to media blast it with a fine abrasive to not damage the texture. If the black paint on the blue dash can be removed with a solvent, such as lacquer thinner, then I'd go that route. A light scuffing and then the proper SEM prep and paint to finish it off.