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Aug 5, 2019
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Howdy and welcome from Texas! Congratulations on your Boss acquisition. You'll find plenty of advice, support, and camaraderie here.
Feb 3, 2022
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Thanks for all the notes guys! For some general info….. I previously owned this car in the late ‘70s. I used for good weather transportation, drove it to college, autocrossed it on the weekends and street raced it in Minnesota and Michigan, where I’m from. Ended up selling in ‘86 to payoff my student loan debt…… a decision I regretted hundreds of times…..😒
Fast fwd 36 yrs, and while sniffing around on the internet with my son, I searched Boss 351, and low and behold up pops a picture of this car….?! After describing to my son how much this car looked like my old car…. And casually looking at some pics in the gallery, I started seeing small but unique changes to this car that I’d done to my own. Curiosity got the best of me, and referencing a copy of my old cars VIN….. it confirmed my suspicion, this was in fact my old car!!
A month or so later it’s now back in my garage! Surprisingly, largely unaltered and remarkably with only an additional 4k miles from when I sold it. Admittedly I was skeptical of the odometer, but after inspecting the car in detail it does appear to be accurate. This inspection plus the fact that I bought the car from a gentleman that owned for the last 20 years, and while being a car enthusiast, he didn’t drive the cars in his collection, hence the low miles.
I can’t account for a 6 year period of ownership of the car…. 1996-2002, during which some body work and a paint job, along with an engine rebuild was accomplished. Finding the owner at that time would answer a bunch of questions regarding the motor and other components. I think the car was in southern Wisconsin at a restoration shop during this time, but that’s all I really know at this time.

If anyone has any ideas of who or where this work may have been done…… I’M ALL EARS!!

One last detail…… in the trunk I found this plate that I assume was on the car during this period.

Thanks guys,

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Kevin H.

Aug 21, 2019
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Missouri, United States
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A cars history is what gives them a personality!! Welcome, from Missouri! Great looking ride!