New Member, long time 71-73 owner.

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Jan 4, 2024
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My Car
1972 Convertible red with black trim
Hi everyone. I'm Tom, and I have two 71-73 Mustangs.
First is a '72 Mach 1, originally an H code when I bought it in 1978. It's now a heavily modded Q code car. I installed an M code 351 4V from a 1970 Mach 1 rebuilt loose with a '71CJ cam, adjustable rockers, '71 closed chamber heads, 2000 stall converter and a shift kitted CJ. The rear is 3.91 gears, Detroit Locker, 31 spline axles, rear sway bar. Hooker headers, Magna Flow mufflers, 2 1/2 pipes. 9" wide slotted mags on the back, 7 1/2" slots out front. In the beginning stages of going to a 550+ inch Jon Kaase "385" big block swap.

My second is a 1972 convertible, bright red with a 351CJ and C6. All Factory stock, power windows, tilt wheel, A/C, intermittent wipers, traction lock rear with 3.25 gears.
She's sitting nice!
Thanks. I always thought Mustangs had too much altitude and sat nose high so I lowered all my Mustangs over the years. This '67 was lowered 2" front and rear using the Boss 302 Chassis Handbook mods.