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Nov 3, 2020
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73' 302 windsor
Hey everyone, this page was suggested to me by someone on reddit. I've always loved classic cars but don't know much about engines or working on cars. I know my car has. 302 Windsor and I was told it has a 2 barrel carburetor. Its perfectly fine for what I want which is just cruising around or taking it to the beach, but I wouldn't mind adding just a little more horsepower. Can anyone make some suggestions and include associated costs? Thanks!!!

Welcome to the fold!  Post more pics!  The best thing to do is dual out your exhaust system, add headers and low restrictive mufflers.  That'll cost you about $1.5K if you go to a reputable exhaust shop.  Do your research and speak with reputable mechanics to make an informed decision.  That will help and you can upgrade your intake manifold and carb to 4 barrel and that would add another 1.5K or so.  without increasing airflow into the engine, upgrading your exhaust will only help so much.

Welcome, I've had my 73 302 for 40+years, I added a 3:56 rear axle gear about 20 years ago. Other than that it's stock. That single change has made it a completely different experience. It  feels like a rocket compared to its former life. I highly recommend this change. 

Welcome from Illinois! It’s always good to see another vert.  

Welcome from Central New York.
My 302 had headers and dual exhaust when I bought her. So I can't compare those. 

I added a new intake manifold and a 4-bbl carb, because the original carb was shot and she never ran right, so I can't compare there either.

I do know with those mods she sure is a lot of fun to drive.

Good luck and have fun.


Welcome from Northeast, PA.   You came  to the right place.  The guys on this site are great and can help.    Also the search feature can be used to find  lots of  information.  I had the same idea and decided to leave stock and  replace the old  worn out parts but do what makes you happy.  Enjoy your car. 

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Welcome from North Carolina. i have several convertibles but none are 302 all 351 C. Switching to 4-V, better ignition and dual exhaust should help. I do not know that adding tube headers will do that much without doing more inside the engine. I put headers on a Ford 351 van because the cast iron had cracked and i actually got worse gas mileage. 

Welcome from west Michigan and a fellow 73 convertible guy. 

I agree with dual exhaust and a 4 barrel carb and intake, maybe a hotter ignition. I'm with David and don't think tube headers are worth the hassle and noise. I like the manifolds on mine. 

Welcome from MO.  I read some good suggestions for simple HP boost. If you are planning to do them yourself some may be easier than others.


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