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Sep 3, 2020
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So, after spending a fortune converting to 134A and trying to get my ac working, the compressor blew this weekend. I've decided to convert to the sanden compressor, does anyone know the correct part number for the 134a sanden compressor for a 351c-4v w/factory ac conversion? does it bolt directly into the oem bracket? is the clutch electrical connection the same?

Also, does anyone make a new heat/air control, I believe mine has a vacuum leak and I would prefer not to have to find a good 50 year old one to replace it with

Thanks, this list is invaluable

My car is away in the shop so I can't go look but it seems to me with the Sanden compressors and the associated bracket as shown in the PDF, there's no where to attach the power steering cooler.  Can't remember if in original form the cooler attaches to the top of the compressor or bracket.

I used a compressor bracket that I found in ebay. If you search "York Sanden compressor bracket" you should find a bunch. I used the stock tensioner bracket with some modifications to fit around the compressor. For the steering cooler I made my own bracket from two L brackets attached to the top ears of the compressor. Hopefully these pictures help.

PS: these pictures are from last year when I had the lines going through the front of the engine and then the passenger side. Now, after upgrading to the ACC system, I have them going through the driver's side and then crossing through the rear of the engine.





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